Category: Endorsement

Eric Thievon – Batteur

C’est un très bon condensé de routine pour la main gauche. Ça me fait un peu penser à l’esprit du Stick Control. Je vais donc m’y mettre, grand besoin -:)

Dan Britt – Drummer

The Ultimate Left Hand System for Drummers Book is terrific! If you commit time to this very extensive book, your weaker hand will drastically improve!

Michael Carvin – Master drummer & teacher, & legend

My.student and I have enjoyed  working out of Mr.Crockett latest book for the left hand..only…..”WOW “…………. This  book  is  a must read. THANK YOU Larry this is truly something for.all DRUMMERS…….  

Zoro – Lenny Kravitz’s drummer

Larry Crocket has authored one of the most insightful and accessible texts on the subject of developing the left hand I have ever seen. In a meticulously organized and logical manner Larry gives drummers many practical and useful concepts for further developing the left hand. This book is refreshingly well thought out, innovative and most…
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